Management & Data Reporting

Your data is available now and whenever you need it in the future. Track all of your data for every event, survey, group, and vendor.  Keep centralized and historical data on all of your events and attendees.

What are Brillevent's reporting capabilities?

You can track data by any person, member, event, survey, vendor, date range or any combination of the filters you want for your own on-demand custom report. You can export the information into an Excel file and then use it to import into other systems. If there are reports that you want graphics with, we can customize your version of Brillevents to give you the data in the format you desire.

Can Brillevent's integrate with other systems?

With the ability to export raw data, you have the ability to import data into Brillevents and export data for integration into other programs you have. If you have programs that you want real-time data transfer, we can look at building an API for the two programs to talk to each other. Just explain to us what you want and we can put our team of database experts to work on coming up with a solution that meets your need.

Is the data accessible and exportable?

Yes, absolutely. Any of the data can be exported from the Brillevents system for other use whenever you want.