Effectively manage events, surveys, ticket sales, memberships, and more!

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your events, ticket sales, surveys, memberships, webinars, or whatever else you do to interact with your customers, prospects, members, or fans, you want to look at a web based solution. You also want to make sure you control the data and that you “own” the system because if you don’t, all of your historical data has the potential to be lost if you ever decide to stop using the system or paying subscription fees.

There are several technology solutions for event management, surveys, and things associated with these functions. They are all meant to automate processes, drive attendance, and manage data. When choosing one here are some common questions:

1. How customizable is the attendee registration process?

You control the entire registration/survey process. You can do a single registration for multiple or repeating events or multiple registrations for a single event. It will add up all fees just like a shopping cart for a single check out. You control all of the fields you want to have for each and every event and group while also providing a unique web page URL for each one so you can track more effectively.

2. What is Brillevent's "True Cost"?

This is the owning versus licensing debate. Do you want to have control of your data and your system or do you want to only have access to and the ability to use it as long as you are willing to pay monthly fees for use? Some programs charge you based on the number of registrations or responses you get as well as the number of users you want. Brillevents has a one-time fee and the ownership belongs to you, not us. There is a need for hosting, just like a website, but that is the only ongoing required fee. Bevelwise will host the program for you for $40-$50/month. You can get ongoing user support and training as an option, but that will not be more than a couple hundred dollars per month including hosting. Customizations for your unique needs are also available and will be quoted on a time and materials basis.

3. What are Brillevent's e-mail capabilities?

It will automatically notify you by e-mail when you get purchases, registrations, and survey responses. From group to group and event to event, you can change who gets e-mailed. The person who is making the purchase or responding can also get an automated response to their email upon completion. You can fully tailor the e-mail for each group, survey, or event so it can change. You can offer additional promotions and event information as part of that confirmation e-mail.

4. What kind of payments can the system take?

The system will be integrated with your current merchant provider or you can set up a separate merchant account for it. We typically use Authorize.net for our online payment gateway but can use whomever you would like. Since this is not a subscription service and the software is "owned" by you, the payments are directly made to you. Brillevents can take payments for anything you want to charge for with any credit card type your merchant provider allows you to take payments for.

5. What are Brillevent's reporting capabilities?

You can track data by any person, member, event, survey, vendor, date range or any combination of the filters you want for your own on-demand custom report. The information is exportable to an Excel file that you can use to import into other systems. We can customize your version of Brillevents to give you the data you want in the format you desire.

6. Can Brillevent's integrate with other systems?

With the ability to export raw data, you have the ability to import data into Brillevents and export data for integration into other programs you have. If you have programs that you want real-time data transfer, we can look at building an API for the two programs to talk to each other. Just explain to us what you want and we can put our team of database experts to work on coming up with a solution that meets your need.

7. Is the data accessible and exportable?

Yes, absolutely. Any of the data can be exported from the Brillevents system for other use whenever you want.

8. How is the Brillevents application supported to users?

We provide webinar training and user guides to the group. We can be available for ongoing assistance whenever you need it. It is very intuitive and built with web based best programming practices so if you can type a Word document, you can manage this program. If you want additional web designs and custom e-mail templates, we can aid with design for those - but once they are in the system you can use them over and over again with no additional cost.