Software Development & Web Applications with Bevelwise

Since our formation back in 2004, Bevelwise has continued to grow in depth and scope of web, marketing, and industries by servicing a very diverse client base.  We take our talent pool combining 30+ years of marketing experience, 40+ years of web development, and apply our diverse talents to provide the optimal solution for your specific needs.  Because of our diversity in capabilities, we avoid the 'tunnel vision' one can get by focusing solely on one type of marketing work, one industry, or continued results from a narrow target market.

We have several web applications and tools for clients to use and build custom web applications for the clients that ask for it. We attempt to empower our clients to do more with greater efficiency through some really awesome web based tools that provide ways to measure and control their brand, sales, marketing, and message in the marketplace and increase tracking on time spent and labor use Bevelwiseand data gathering. If you are happy with your current results, we show you ways to make them even BETTER. Whether you want us to work with your existing team, produce quality marketing on a per project basis, or want to add us as your marketing team, we can plug in at whatever level you want, need, and are comfortable with.  No project is too small for us, and we work with clients from start-up to $400 million in revenues.  It is our goal to make every client feel like they are our only one and just as important as any other, regardless of size or revenue.

We don't take over, we set expectations properly, stay within budget, account for our time and provide you cost justification. We don't charge thousands to get 'up to speed' on your company or industry. We started Bevelwise because we didn't like working with agencies. Built from a new mold for a marketing and advertising company, Bevelwise provides full service marketing including design, web, search engine optimization, multimedia, application development, and all things creative. We bring together decades of experience in key marketing fields (online, traditional, design, multimedia, strategy, programming, print) and always put your needs first.

Most agencies are known for ego, not listening and 'taking over' - we promise a different experience. We combine your knowledge and expertise with our marketing experience and filters to create a definitive marketing strategy and brand.  If you want a new perspective, with a team that understands it is not about us, only about you, then you should talk with us. To find out more about marketing your organization with greater effectiveness, higher ROI, and cross-media diversity, contact us. - where we combine marketing intuition with innovation. We won't disappoint and we won't break your bank account.