Customizable Event Registration to save time, money and get immediate ROI

Brillevents is the perfect solution for the small to medium enterprise to assist in centralization and automation of registration and tickets for events, groups, seminars, and surveys. It can also manage members and users of the system to provide faster registration and check out the next time they use it. You can set up your own events, custom events pages, custom online surveys, pricing and promotions with real time notifications and data. Brillevents will even handle event payment processing. Brillevents will revolutionize the way your organization manages meetings, groups, events, surveys, and data acquisition.    

The best part of Brillevents is it is fully customizable. Yes, that can come with added cost, but you are never "locked" into a box. If you want to do something that our Brillevents software currently doesn’t offer, we can create a tailored version for you for a cost. This becomes YOUR software. It is not a subscription. You have one time fees and then a small monthly hosting and/or support fee. We can host it for you, or it has the potential to be hosted right with your domain.

Brillevents Overview Sheet